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Passionate About Barefoot Massage (FasciAshi) And Helping You Save Your Career. 

Let's Join Forces and Conquer The Massage World!
A little bit about me.
~  Ashiatsu saved my career in 2002.
~  Ashi is 95% of my practice--I don’t offer hands on, with the exception of the occasional prenatal massage.
~  I love to teach.
~  My goal during class is to make sure you understand how ashi should feel to the client and to you as a therapist.
~  I want you to have fun in class. I’m apparently amusing.
~  Patience is a virtue of mine--with 8 kids, I’ve been well indoctrinated. Yes, I gave birth to them all.
~  Creating conceptual photography is a passion of mine, as well as thematic portraits. On special occasions, I also photograph weddings.
~  My husband, Paul,  and I also run a website about parenting and family life of a large family.

The official bio:

I graduated from St. Mary of-the-Woods College with a BA in Theatre and Film and a Business Administration minor. In 1998, I graduated from SHI Integrative Medical Massage School and have been a massage therapist since then.

In 2002, I traveled to Texas to learn Ashiatsu.  Immediately, I felt like I was “home” and started teaching in 2004. In 2009, I also became the Senior Training Instructor  and have traveled across the US and into Canada to train instructors how to teach. 

Paul (my husband) runs the back end of my business so that I can concentrate on what I’m good at--doing ashi and teaching.

Mary-Claire Fredette, LMT
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