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Ashiatsu Classes

FasciAshi Fundamental
3 days, 24 hours
Prerequisite: Licensed Massage Therapist
 You’ll learn how to use your feet to provide a full body deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point focuses barefoot massage session using overhead support while the client lies comfortably on a massage table.
1 day, 8 hours
$   224
This course is only available for therapists who are graduates of other live barefoot massage courses or as a refresher for our Fundamental grads. In this class, we’ll teach you all the new moves in our Fundamentals class, but it’s a one day intensive with no guest client practical. Prone work is the primary focus, although therapists will learn anterior neck work as well. Therapists are expected to have full knowledge of contradictions and have been practicing barefoot massage using bars overhead. Students will work on each other and on the instructor.
 FasciAshi Intermediate: Supine & Sidebody
2 days, 16 hours
Prerequisite: FasciAshi Fundamental or Converge Class
This intermediate class empowers the experienced barefoot massage therapist to maintain long trigger point holds and deliver deep, gliding strokes to the anterior and lateral aspects of your client’s body.
Supine and Side Body strokes will give you the tools to provide a detailed, comprehensive “feet-on” practice, giving you the ability to explore the strokes on different clients in class, and you’ll awaken your feet’s potential to work in multi-faceted directions.
ROM (Range Of Motion)
2 days, 16 hours
Prerequisite: FasciAshi Fundamental or Converge Class
Using Passive, Active and Resisted Range of Motion techniques Traditional Thai massage, this barefoot massage technique allows the Massage Therapist to stand on a massage table and maneuver clients limbs with their feet, while holding onto overhead support for balance and leverage. This helps a practitioner effortlessly maintain consistent pressure and leverage while providing deep point holds, or long fascial stretches.
Class Dates - 2018
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